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Now You'll Have To Pay Even More To Watch Joe Buck

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Try to picture the notorious TV dustup between Will Leitch and Buzz Bissinger on HBO if Joe Buck, and not Bob Costas, had been the host. Anything? Nope, I'm drawing a blank as well.


Wait ... no, that's a game show. I got nuthin.

Attempting to fill the Hobbit-sized void created when Costas left for the MLB Network, HBO has snapped up Buck, who will be the host of a new HBO program starting in May ("Buck Now"?).


Buck's new show will broadcast four times this year, working around his Fox play-by-play schedule. "This was my ultimate dream, to go to a place like HBO," Buck said. "(It) allows me to do things I wouldn't typically be able to do. I'm so lucky I work at a place like Fox, that allows me to break out." The 90-minute show may involve a live studio audience, Greenburg said.

Buck, who did play-by-play for the St. Louis Cardinals, is entering his 16th year with Fox. Next week, he'll talk with HBO executives about the format of the new show. "It's a show that may surprise some people," Buck said. "It gives me a free form to give a little more opinion."

Actually it's going to be a slightly slicker version of this.

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