Nude High School Cheerleaders Now Less Nude, Sue School

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It's a good thing they didn't have cell phones when I was in high school; I'd still be there trying to graduate. You may have heard of the Bothell, WA high school cheerleaders who took naked cell phone pictures of themselves and then "accidentally" sent them to the entire school. Well, their parents are now suing the school. Of course they are.

School officials learned of the photos in August, in which two cheerleaders took nude photos of themselves and sent them to their boyfriends via text message. Then, according to the girls, they tried to delete them; with hilarious results.

One of the pictures was taken three years ago and sent to the teen's then-boyfriend. The other was snapped in June. The lawsuits allege that the girls believed they had deleted the photos, but accidentally sent them to members of the football team.


Funny how these types of photos are never sent to members of the computer club. Both girls got suspensions.

The parents of the two girls are suing because, they contend, their children were being singled out for discipline when other students who actually distributed the photos weren't punished at all. They also say that members of the faculty passed the photos around to other teachers.


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