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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Nuggets Family Members Probably Aren't Accepting That Apology Any Time Soon

Illustration for article titled Nuggets Family Members Probably Arent Accepting That Apology Any Time Soon

Who was that crazy lady who got ejected from the Mavericks/Nuggets game last night? Why, that was just La La Vazquez, Denver Nugget fan and entertainer extraordinaire!


Ms. Vazquez, or just "La La" if you're hip enough, has had a distinguished career as a DJ, reality TV host, and playing herself in any movie that will have her. (I think "Soul Plane" was probably her most realistic portrayal of "Herself.") In basketball circles, she is also known as the fiancee of Mr. Carmelo Anthony, an engagement running over four years now. Anyway, she was asked to leave her courtside seat in Dallas last night after an unspecified "incident" with a couple of old white ladies sitting behind her.

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It seems that things at the American Airlines Center were actually much uglier than we realized last night. In addition to Vazquez, Maverick fans got into shouting matches with Kenyon Martin's mom (there was even a report that someone threw a beer on her) and Martin's girlfriend, Trina. Martin himself was distracted by the incidents during the game and a Denver assistant actually went into the stands during the game to check on their own fans.

Asked if the game was hostile, [Coach George] Karl said: "I would probably use an uglier word than hostile. I don't think (the fans) were very classy."


We also missed this moment after the game, when Martin shouted at Cuban on the court, calling him a "faggot motherfucker." I wonder if that will come up at dinner?

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So either Cuban had an epiphany later that evening—he didn't seem too distressed by the fan behavior immediately after the game—or he's trying to protect his own life when the series goes back to Denver. Either way, there's enough embarrassment to go around for everyone!

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