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O.J. Mayo Ejected For Punching Greg Stiemsma

Bucks guard O.J. Mayo tried running through a screen set by Pelicans big man Greg Stiemsma and reacted like he got hit in the face with Stiemsma's shoulder. Mayo wrapped himself up with Stiemsma for a moment and when they got untangled, Mayo punched him.

It's hard to tell exactly where, or how, he got Stiemsma, but it was definitely somewhere between his chest and head. It was most likely in the shoulder area, but again, it's hard to tell exactly where. Wanting to give Mayo the benefit of the doubt, the Pelicans broadcasters kept conservatively referring to it as a forearm rather than a punch. There aren't many clean angles of the incident, but it looks to be much closer to a punch than a forearm shove. Whatever it was, there was considerable force behind it.


Referees and Stiemsma's teammates quickly stepped in, so nothing escalated past the punch. Mayo was ejected from the game and will likely face at least a one-game suspension. Earlier in the day, Bucks teammate Ersan Ilyasova was suspended one game for a much less violent shove of Reggie Evans on Wednesday night.

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