O.J. Simpson was sentenced today in a Las Vegas courtroom after being convicted of armed robbery and kidnapping, among other things. Before the punishment was handed down he gave a rather long, tearful confession about how hard it is to be O.J. and how he didn't mean to kidnap those people, just yell at them a bit and take the stuff he believes is his. And also this bizarre non-sequitur about a secret porn movie? ("I have no hatred for Mike Gilbert," Simpson said. "Mike Gilbert tried to set me up on a porn video - tricked me into a room with hidden cameras...."????)

Simpson got a 15-year sentence for the armed kidnapping, which by Nevada law means he'll be eligible for parole in five. However, he also received two additional one-to-six-year sentences that would be served after his first term ends, whenever that is. This means that at the absolute minimum, he will be in jail for the next eight years (and probably more like 10 or 11.)

We all know the long, sad tale of The Juice and while some people may feel that it's just desserts or "too little, too late", the important thing is that it's over. And I might finally be able to get something for my "Free OJ" t-shirts on eBay.


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