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We know we're gonna end up getting yelled at for this, but we can't help it: We're obsessed with O.J. Simpson. We always have been. We watched the case like crazy, we bought a Simpson Bills jersey (but, uh, it was to honor Nicole) and we even watched that dopey teenager's interview with OJ on in full. Sorry. It's just kind of our thing.

So we loved it when O.J. was spotted all over this weekend at the MTV Video Music Awards. No matter what, he always seems to do something that's wildly inappropriate, unless of course he's innocent, in which case, uh, well, let's not talk about that. Anyway, a member of his entourage โ€” and honestly, how low do you have to be to be a member of O.J.'s entourage? Was Wendy's just not hiring? โ€” was seen wearing a jacket with Michael Jackson's face on it. And then, later, he got bumped from Jessica Simpson and Paris Hilton's party because he didn't have the right credentials; that is to say, he happened to be O.J. Simpson.

Question: Will all this be on "ESPN Hollywood?"

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