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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
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Oakland pulled off a trade yesterday, sending Trevor Cahill, Craig Breslow and some cash to the Diamondbacks. In return, Oakland received "one of the Diamondbacks' top young pitching prospects, right-hander Jarrod Parker, plus outfielder Collin Cowgill and reliever Ryan Cook, a pair of rookies."

Twitter—and the world at large—however, received validation of its existence as Breslow finally relented his campaign of not believing in Twitter. As you can see, he can no longer deny its effectiveness as a news spreading, and breaking, tool. Tweets like this will now replace the typical quotes given to reporters we usually hear from salty athletes griping "this is news to me" or "I'm hearing it from you for the first time."


Breslow doesn't seem particularly salty, though. He seems downright nice. Just look at his timeline. He's thanked every Tom, DIck and Harry to wish him luck. And, any minute I'm sure, he'll be going wild on the #replacewordinmoviewith[curseword] hashtag.

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Twitter [@craigbreslow]

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