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Obama/Arenas '08!

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As we continue to attempt to come to terms with the loss of Gilbert Arenas from the upcoming playoff months, we turn, as always, to Wizznutzz to help us through the night.


Fresh hot and ready, it's Obama-Arenas 2008 campaign shirts: A campaign team that could change the way you think about politics.

Show your support for the only campaign that promises to:
-Legislate the No Snub Left Behind Act.
-Promote universal health care.
-Pardon Chico DeBarge
-Pursue alternative energies incentives: offer bacon grease subsidies.
-Offer comprehensive immigration reform: illegal immigrants can fast-track their citizenship by defeating Homeland Security Czar DeShawn Stevenson in a 3-point shooting competition, an initiative that will be dubbed: "I Want To Feel The Face of Freedom."
-Redecorate the Oval Office as an exact replica of the Lt. Castillo office set from Miami Vice.
-Annex Wheaton Plaza. Crush the resistance movement by cutting off edible underpants supply to Spencer Gifts.

Can the McCain/McIlvaine ticket promise you all that?!

No. It absolutely cannot. So get the shirts and join the party.

OBAMA/ARENAS '08 Official Black Presidential Campaign T-Shirts [Mothering Hut]