This is Vancouver's General Motors Place, home of the Vancouver Canucks. During Tuesday's Canucks-Predators game, the largest cheer came for Barack Obama's ascendancy in American politics. Our time in Canada involved mostly two questions, ad nauseum: "Are you an American?" and "Isn't it great about Obama?" (We also spent a lot of time explaining the Electoral College. We now believe, through our solitary efforts, that more Canadians understand the Constitutional anachronism than Americans.) From the hastily-written "Obamarama" sign on one young lady's cashier machine at GM Place to Obama stickers on people's coats and cars, there was more than just the dismissal of the old at hand: people wanted the Obama package. Needless to say, there's plenty of people in sports looking to attach themselves to a rising brand, not the least of which we already mentioned today. Darren Rovell notes that Obama's sportswear has become a topic du jour. Are those Asics he's wearing? Nikes? That's a change of shoes that we can get behind. Perhaps a shoe sponsorship would stimulate consumer spending. The PBA Tour would like us to remember how Obama's horrible bowling experience encouraged McCain to push all his chips into Pennsylvania and nearly win the state. What with the bowling alley in the White House and all, they'd be humbled to assist the new Marketing-Icon-in-Chief with his game. (Assuming, of course, he doesn't tear the damned thing out to create his dream basketball court. Maybe advertisements on the stanchions?) Of course, the sports world isn't alone in this opportunism; even Apple fans have shown exuberance about the leader of the free world's affection for MacBooks. Still, this is our most athletic President since Gerald Ford. (Not the Chevy Chase version. The O-lineman from Michigan version.) We can look forward to more of this. Maybe a favorite hockey stick brand for Canada? Send some love back to Canuckistan, Obama; it's tariff-free, thanks to NAFTA! This is DUAN, naturally, but we also invite you to move above to Bartholomew's live blog shortly. Regardless of your final location this evening, we thank you for your support of Deadspin in these troubled times. Remember, Deadspin: the favorite sports blog of President-Elect Barack Obama.* President-elect Obama Now Sports Wear Endorser? [SportsBiz with Darren Rovell] PBA Offers to Give Obama Bowling Instruction [Steady Burn] Obama team chose Apple on election night [TUAW] *It might be true; it might not. It's certainly not SKEETS, though. Only American sports blogs for our leader.