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Odds Are, Mahomes and Chiefs Won't Win Another Super Bowl

Don’t let the confetti in your eyes blind you to the fact that Pat Mahomes wasn’t even the best QB in NFL last year.
Don’t let the confetti in your eyes blind you to the fact that Pat Mahomes wasn’t even the best QB in NFL last year.
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After Kansas City Chiefs defensive tackle Chris Jones signed a huge, new contract on Tuesday, he went to social media with a message.


On Twitter, Jones posted:

Let’s gooooo!!!!

The Dynasty Continues….

#RunitBack #Sacknation


First, we hate to break it to Jones and all the other misguided Kansas City bandwagon jumpers — the Chiefs aren’t a dynasty.

Not even close.

Sorry, but winning the franchise’s first Super Bowl in 50 years doesn’t give you entrance into that exclusive club.

Most real sports fans believe a team needs to win at least three championships in a row or three out of four to earn that moniker. That lofty accomplishment means you dominated a league and were — without question — the best team going for a significant stretch of time.

But in this current sports world of premature proclamations, crowning people early and being a prisoner of the moment, everyone thinks the Chiefs, led by superhero quarterback Patrick Mahomes, are going to win the next eight Super Bowls and can’t be stopped.


The NFL doesn’t work that way.

It’s hard to win multiple Super Bowls over an extended time, let alone back-to-back.


In fact, if we just follow recent history, there’s a good chance the Chiefs don’t win another Super Bowl during Mahomes’ 12-year contract.

Yes, it’s that tough.

Here are the cold, hard facts. In the last 20 years, there were three different teams that people were saying could be dynasties in the NFL. They all had magical quarterbacks at the helm: Kurt Warner, St. Louis Rams, Aaron Rodgers, the Packers and Russell Wilson, the Seahawks.


Each team only won ONE Super Bowl.

Few would have believed that would be possible after each of these teams won that first Super Bowl. It was just natural to believe that the ultimate winning would just continue.


It didn’t. Hell, Rodgers’ Packers have yet to even return to the Super Bowl.

And before you point to Tom Brady and the Patriots, remember that there was a 10-year drought of NO Super Bowl victories in the middle of those six titles.


Yes, the Pats didn’t always win.

And just because you have a tremendous quarterback isn’t a guarantee of anything.


When Dan Marino threw those 48 TDs in his second season and led the Miami Dolphins to the Super Bowl — which they lost — most thought it would be the start of something special. The Dolphins NEVER got back to The Big Game, despite Marino having a Hall of Fame career over the next 15 years. In 17 seasons overall, Marino played in just 18 playoff games.

And the NFL is filled with young and talented quarterbacks that will be vying against Mahomes for years to come. It isn’t like the cupboard is bare. The Ravens have Lamar Jackson, the Texans have Deshaun Watson and the Eagles have Carson Wentz.


And there are some able-bodied veterans still looking to sweeten their resumes at the back end of their careers, including Wilson, Rodgers, Brady and Drew Brees.

And while the Super Bowl confetti might have gotten into some people’s eyes, it shouldn’t blind you from the fact that Jackson — not Mahomes — was the 2019 MVP, and best quarterback in the league last season.


The Ravens, also in the AFC, aren’t going anywhere. They have just as good a chance to win the Super Bowl next season as the Chiefs do. They have a talented defense and a dynamic QB who hasn’t been figured out yet.

Maybe, Mahones has been.

Sure, he won the Super Bowl, and that is the ultimate makeup, covering all flaws. But let’s be honest, Mahomes wasn’t even close to the QB he was his second season, first as a starter, when he threw 50 TDs, passed for over 5,000 yards and won the league’s MVP.


Last season, Mahomes’ cape fell off. He didn’t lead the league in ANY major quarterback statistical category — touchdowns, fewest interceptions, completions, yards per attempt, QBR or quarterback rating.

Jackson and Jameis Winston both threw more touchdowns than Mahomes. And don’t use the injury excuse. In 14 games, Mahomes threw 26 touchdowns. Brees played just 11 games due to injury and threw 27 TDs.


And there’s more evidence to prove that Mahomes was far from magical last regular season. It’s just that there isn’t enough space on the internet to list it all.

The lesson here is simple. Pump the brakes on Mahomes and the Chiefs winning everything, and building a dynasty.


It almost never happens in this league.

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