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Illustration for article titled Odell Beckham Jr. Is Back To Making Incredible Catches Again

It had been a while since Odell Beckham Jr. had made a highlight reel for something other than getting choked out on the field, or giving up a bad fumble on a punt return. But against the Seahawks on Sunday he gave the ol’ make-an-incredible-catch approach a try.

On the first play of a new drive, Baker Mayfield flung the ball downfield to his star receiver. Beckham leaped high in the air to get leverage over safety Tedric Thompson and not only snag the ball from the air, but snatch it before Thompson could get to it. Though the play was reviewed, the replay showed officials that Beckham’s foot and elbow had touched the ground in bounds while he maintained control.

It’s amazing what can happen when an offense uses its best receiver to receive the ball instead of throw it on trick plays.


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