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Of Course Former MLB 1B Ben Broussard Is Somehow Connected To The Weiner Scandal

It wouldn't be a very good political scandal without a tenuous connection to a retired platoon player, now would it?

Guanabee has the scoop:

Meagan Broussard, the 26 year-old single mom from Texas who was interviewed on ABC about carrying on a sexually charged electronic relationship with Congressman Anthony Weiner, is the sister of former Major League Baseball player Ben Broussard.


You probably remember Broussard for being the lefty on the Indians who wasn't Travis Hafner, or maybe for releasing some forgettable song that sounds like a band that sounds like Pearl Jam. According to his Twitter bio, he's "also in the Baseball Hall of Fame for the most pinch-hit grand slam home runs."

But Bronson Arroyo he isn't. According to one of the few published reviews of his most recent album, Renovated, "I received this product before the scheduled arrival date and it was in great condition." Oof.

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Weinergirl Meagan Broussard Is Sister Of Former MLB Player Ben Broussard [Guanabee]

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