Of Course Mike Pence Forced A Plane Full Of People To Watch Hoosiers

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The thing about Mike Pence subjecting an airplane full of reporters to an in-flight screening of Hoosiers is that you can’t even be mad at him for liking a bad sports movie.

Are we supposed to believe that Mike Pence genuinely enjoys the movie Hoosiers and has actually seen it from beginning to end more than one time? Or is it more likely that the man who has been trying and mostly failing to become an American Statesman since the age of 29—who owes his entire political career to his ability to pander to fundamentalist nutjobs and frightened old people who believe a crisp haircut is a sign of virtue, and has never once acted like the pious man he so desperately wants you to believe he is—is just leaning into this shit?


Mike Pence put on a leather jacket with a cute little “Vice President Mike Pence” patch sewn on it and then threw a flinty-eyed stare at exactly no one because that’s what a tough politician with “resolve” looks like in his head. He made a plane full of people watch Hoosiers because that’s a movie that virtuous white men from Indiana are supposed to like. This dude got his whole life out of a Bottom-Rung Midwestern Legislator starter kit.