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Of Course Someone Captured Footage Of This Street-Fighting Lesbian Couple

Per YouTuber kingnothing3rd, "My GF and I met this lesbian couple at the club and we were going to go to the next one with them."

Go on.

"Out of the parking lot we saw them get into a verbal confrontation with a group of people. We pulled over and tried to talk them down."


Probably the girlfriend's idea. Or maybe kingnothing3rd saw visions of sugar plums stop dancing in his head.

"That did not work."


"One of the girls stormed across the street and started pounding on the car the people got into. They ended up fighting. What you saw was the aftermath of the FIRST fight, the Silver Infiniti was trying to make its way through the intersection when the two drunk girls started pounding on their car too. I was NOT getting in the middle of this drunken fist swinging fest."

This story leaves many unanswered question, brochacho. Did you and the GF go to the other club? Did you find another lesbian couple to accompany you? Why did you find it necessary to point out their sexuality? Was it an underhanded way to explain why they were so fist adept? Or a wink-nudge to the fact that your ladyfriend is open-minded in a bed sharing and/or voyeuristic sense? She hot? She egg this fight on in any way?

Answers. Now.

Oh, fists start flying at the 1:10 mark.

As you're about to see, Daylight Savings Time was good to fans of random, domestic and/or international street and/or shantytown fighting.


In other Tuesday Night Fights action:

• This "Guy Beats On Man He Thought Was Australian" footage comes to you courtesy of the Fort Lauderdale Police. (Start of Violence, or SoV, 1:03). Also:

Police say the charming, American-Eagle-bedecked gentleman at right was standing in line at the Shell Station at 1144 S. Andrews Ave. on February 19 when he spontaneously turned around and told another man to "back up six inches." The victim, 50-year-old Michael Stocker, says the agitated man then called him a "limey fuck." When asked for
clarification, Mr. Plaid Shorts clarified that he suspected Stocker was Australian.


• An astute Philly public-transportation customer had the wherewithal to record a street fight from his perch upon the Market-Frankford El. (SoV, 0:20).

• "Here's what awaits for you. —-SLAVIC POWER—- Slavic Russian vs Caucasus pussies." (SoV, 0:30).


Your Proof That Sticks And Stones WILL Hurt You In The Shantytown Intermission:

• ABC News discovers what we 'round these parts have long known: Chuck E. Cheese is the place "Where Family Feuds at Birthday Parties Turn into Violent Brawls."


Oklahoma lady's straight gangsta, down to the flashin' o' the signs. (SoV, 0:10).

• "1 rat told the other rat she had bad she tore the girl tracks out." (SoV, instantly).


• Here's a wonderful story of Hobos Giving Back (SoV, 0:04). To wit:

With the armed deputy in trouble several homeless men - including Wyatt and his friend Jose Ramos - stepped in and helped to restrain Davis. Wyatt was one of several people who grabbed Davis' leg, while Ramos was the first person to jump in and helped hold Davis's arms and body.

"I'm thinking the worst scenario - was if that guy would've gotten a hold of that gun, none of us would have been here today to tell that story," Wyatt said.

Ramos, an unemployed refrigerator repairman, said he saw Davis go for the officer's gun belt.

"That's where I jumped in and said this man is gonna kill that officer," Ramos told CBS 4's Carey Codd. "I ain't gonna let that happen."

Deputy Meyer appreciated the help.

"I think they're phenomenal," Meyer said. "They didn't have to get involved and they did." [WTSP]


Your Sunday Miami Brawl Captured With Wonderful Cinematography:

• Let's watch an older gentleman beat people with a bike.

• Two things come from Texas City: raccoon recycling mascots and brawlin' high-school girls. (SoV, 0:05).


Attempted flying kick caught by the dashboard cam in some sort of foreign land. (SoV, 0:02).

• A Sacramento store fight set to the sweet track, "Stiff-Arm The Bitch" by Pat Rich (featuring Smoov-E). (SoV, 0:37).


Your "brutální bitka" Interlude:

Man KTFO by elephant. (SoV, 0:09).

• The moral of the story: Don't tell people in New Mexico bars that they wave like girls. Or something. Let Amanda Goodman from The Newsplex tell you more. (SoV, 0:38).


Here's film of a murder victim's family going after the alleged killer in court. (SoV, 0:04).

• Bad-ass Russian lands a bad-ass spin kick to the ear of some mope. (SoV, 0:09).


Your One Guy Takes On Six Fellas In The Parking Lot Coda:

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