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Official Monday Night Football Twitter Account Accidentally Links To German News Story About Brutal Nightclub Death

Apparently, ESPN's Monday Night Football broadcast runs some Twitter contest that amounts to "What player is Jon Gruden thinking of right now?" Last night, Gruden was thinking of San Francisco's NaVorro Bowman, which user @DanShedd correctly guessed. The MNF crew congratulated Dan on Twitter, told him what he won, and...pointed him toward a German-language news story about a man dying in a nightclub swimming pool?


According to the article (as far as I and Google Translate can tell), a 22-year-old man jumped into the pool in a Stuttgart nightclub, got his abdomen punctured by some broken glass in the pool, and then bled to death.

I see what ESPN's going for here. The contest winner's real prize—upon reading about the senseless and random death of a German man—was learning a little something about die Nichtigkeit, the fundmental meaningnlessness of the world. Shame on us for ever accusing you of superficiality, ESPN.

h/t Everett

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