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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
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What a time to be alive. You can now draft your three-dog side for this Sunday’s Puppy Bowl. Choose from all the competitors listed here, and I’m going to kick your ass because my team is the best.

The fantasy scoring works this way:

  • 7 points for a touchdown
  • 3 points for a field goal(?)
  • 3 points for a takeaway
  • 2 points for a tackle
  • -2 points for a turnover

My team is pictured above, and I think we’re in good shape. Countess is bound to be tenacious and never let go of the ball, and also to drool all over it. Gryffin’s herding instincts bode well for nipping at the heels of ballcarriers. And Star is apparently half Chow Chow, and Chows are assholes. She’s going to dominate.


Go draft your team and share it below. We’ll meet back here on Monday so you can tell me how good I am at this.

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