Hey, it was crazy out there today. Sometimes the grand jury hearings of a Hall of Famer accused of raping an underage prostitute just slip through the cracks.

Yes, yes, this is just the preliminary legal stages, but it does mean that we will soon get a full blown public trial, with a judge and everything, that will no doubt be handled with the utmost taste and decorum by all involved. His lawyer started things off by making it crystal clear that this rape is not the violent, stabby kind, but merely a question of the girl's age ... not that his client would have had sex with her anyway, because he just likes to watch. Also, worth noting was LT's curious opening gambit of putting up no defense whatsoever.

"Mr. Taylor and his legal team made a strategic decision not to present any evidence to the grand jury, including him testifying or any witnesses in his defense," he said.


Ahhhhh, I see someone was paying attention during "My Cousin Vinny"!

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