Oh God, Yes, Rutgers Wants To Hire Greg Schiano Again

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Rutgers announced on Sunday that it had fired head coach Chris Ash, a day after the team got spanked 52-0 by Michigan to drop its record to 1-3. Also let go was offensive coordinator John McNulty, which is not a surprise given that the Scarlet Knights were shut out by both Michigan and Iowa, the latter in 30-0 rout.


Taking over for Rutgers will be Nunzio Campanile, who has such a New Jersey-style name that he might as well be a Sopranos minor character who gets whacked after a three-episode character arc. Campanile will take over a team that is currently ranked 124th in the country in total offense per game, so, you know, good luck with that.

Much more importantly, Stadium’s Brett McMurphy is reporting that Rutgers already has a few names in mind for a more permanent replacement. Butch Jones, sure. Jim Leavitt, why not. But wait. By god, that’s Greg Schiano’s music!

Yes, that Greg Schiano is reportedly in the school’s shopping list, and this needs to happen more than anything else in college football. Schiano was, to be fair, very good as Rutgers head coach in his first stint, taking the Scarlet Knights to six bowl games in his last seven seasons after a rough start. Since then, he...has not done so well. Most recently, Schiano resigned from his freshly-acquired gig as defensive coordinator for the Patriots to “spend more time on [his] faith and family.”

Who cares if Schiano would be smart to not take the job, given that Rutgers is now over-matched in the Big Ten, rather than thriving in the weaker Big East of his first tenure? We need Schiano back in our lives, and there isn’t a better place for that to happen than the first, and only, place where he was anywhere near a success. Bring it on.

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