Your morning roundup for Dec. 5, the day we learned your math professor allegedly ran a meth lab. Photo via Midwest Sports Fans. Got any stories or photos for us? Tip your editors.

What we're watching (all times EST, unless noted): Liverpool-Fulham in English Premier League soccer at 2:55 (ESPN2). The PGA Tour's qualifying tournament at 3:30 (Golf Channel). St. John's-Detroit (ESPN2) and Charleston Southern-Florida State (ESPNU) college basketball at 7. Coyotes-Blackhawks in NHL hockey at 8 (Versus). And Chargers-Jaguars in "Monday Night Football" at 8:30 (ESPN).

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A puncher who played hockey: "Boogaard was exhilarated, exhausted, relieved. Maybe the fear was extinguished, but it always came back, like the flame of a trick candle. One fight ended, another awaited. It was a cycle that commanded the rest of his life. There is no athlete quite like the hockey enforcer, a man and a role viewed alternately as noble and barbaric, necessary and regrettable. Like so many Canadian boys, Boogaard wanted to reach the National Hockey League on the glory of goals. That dream ended early, as it usually does, and no one had to tell him. But big-time hockey has a unique side entrance. Boogaard could fight his way there with his bare knuckles, his stick dropped, the game paused and the crowd on its feet. And he did, all the way until he became the Boogeyman, the N.H.L.'s most fearsome fighter, a caricature of a hockey goon rising nearly 7 feet in his skates." [New York Times]


This Date In Deadspin History

Dec. 5, 2005: Anna Benson Is MAKING NEWS!



LOLMets: "Just how much the Mets will regret losing Reyes' unique set of talents to an upstart division rival will depend on how healthy his hamstrings stay over the next half-dozen years. But they've already bungled this in a big way by refusing to trade Reyes at the trading deadline last July. Instead of controlling their return, they'll have to settle for compensatory picks that now have less value under the new CBA." [Big League Stew]

Were he a betting man, Jared Allen would have lost a paycheck, too: "He lit us up. I can't say nothing about that. We didn't let him run. I guess that's a plus. I would've bet my paycheck that he would not have beat us passing the football." [St. Paul Pioneer Press]


Tiger wins, world yawns: "He made a couple of big putts to win on Sunday β€” and reacted as if he had just won the Masters β€” which is progress. (It's interesting that he experimented with a new putting grip at the Chevron, holding the putter the same as he grips his other clubs.) But he also hit some loose shots and really struggled to separate himself from Zach Johnson, who has struggled this year." [Golf]

Your Brazilian Commerical Interlude:

Reporters who cover shitty teams are the new bloggers, apparently: "Wow reading some of these articles, if u where in the L room & saw some of these reporters, u would understand. It's like they never saw a … Tbrush, shower, and problly the only time they leave their mom's basement....." [@JasonBabin93, and @JasonBabin93]


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