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Oh, Sklars

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The Sklar brothers, Jason and Randy, have finished a a new web-only series for the Topps baseball card company called "Back On Topps", oddly enough about two brothers who inherit a baseball card company. High jinx will surely ensue.


The brothers did a phoner with the Riverfront Times to promote their new endeavor and the question, "What other sports blogs do you read?" was asked.

Jason: Those sites tend to be a little – harsh.
Randy: I like the writing i hate the posting. It's sometimes hard to put a piece of original content on.
Randy: I think it'd be the perfect thing for Deadspin. That blog once put up a post about us that was ''Sklars: Funny or Not?'' which kind of set us up for failure from the get-go.


Well, unfortunately, the "Back On Topps" webisodes are not available just yet, but I'm certain the Deadspin readership would be more than willing to give their open and honest opinions about them once they become available.

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