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Today's new angle on Eagles malcontent Terrell Owens: Those abs! The fine folks at OutSports ultimately call Owens a "cancer" โ€” a term we've never been all that fond of, truth be told โ€” but not until they tackle what's really important:

It was hard to tell Wednesday whether Terrell Owens was a professional football player or getting ready for a bodybuilding contest. There he was in the driveway of his suburban Philadelphia home, doing 40-pound bicep curls and dozens of ab crunches. He delighted locals (and the assembled media) by throwing a football shirtless to one fan, his cut pecs rippling in the sun, and stopping to sign another fan s No. 81 Eagles jersey.

We're only a few steps away from Terrell Owens erotic fan fiction, you know it.

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