As many of you likely already know, the great city of Pittsburgh has a mayor who is 26 years old, Luke Ravenstahl. He's in the midst of a campaign right now — he took over the job when former mayor Bob O'Connor died — and that means when you were once handcuffed outside Heinz Field for an altercation with a police officer after you'd had a few alcoholic beverages, people are going to bring it back up.

"I told [the police officer] who I was, and I told him I didn't appreciate the way he was treating the fans, and I didn't appreciate the manner in which he represented the city of Pittsburgh," he said. "He expressed back to me that he didn't care for my opinion and didn't care what I had to say. But I didn't back down."

Ofcr. Hoehn then handcuffed Mr. Ravenstahl and brought him into Heinz Field. The then-councilman sat, handcuffed and alone, for 10 or 15 minutes, he said. He was then taken into a security office.


Ravenstahl was a city councilman at the time, and though we think this probably not that big a deal and does have the political motivation he says it does, we kind of sympathize with the cop here. You're trying to deal with some drunk Steelers fans, and all of a sudden this snot-nosed kid shows up and starts telling you how to do your job, all because he's "on the Council." We'd handcuff him too. Just your bad luck that he ended up being mayor, friend.

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