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Ohio State Buckeyes

1. The System Guard. Jon Diebler holds the Ohio high school record for the most points in a career with 3,208. He averaged 40 points and 13 rebounds per game his senior year and was the biggest cog in one of the state's most explosive offenses. (He once scored 77 points in a game his junior season.) In last year's state final game he scored the third most points the championship had ever seen, 48, and his high school still lost.*

Needless to say many OSU fans were expecting big things out of the young sharpshooter. But an up-and-down freshman season has led some fans around the state to argue that his gaudy high school stats were nothing more than a product of his team's hectic tempo. Their argument: If you have 80 possessions a game and shoot the ball that many times your numbers will be lies!


This, of course, is only marginally true. Yes, Diebler's team shot the ball a lot (and he did take many of those looks) but the fact remains — Jon Diebler was a 6-foot-6 guard playing against a bunch of farm kids in Ohio on a team that ran the floor better than 98 percent of the teams in the state.

Now? Well now he's a kid adjusting to not being THE ONLY 6-6 guy on the court. He's shown brilliance (look at the North Carolina game), but is still a freshman. Lets not knight him high school basketball's Andre Ware just yet. Please?

2. PREGGERS! Those who don't follow Ohio State basketball probably won't know this, but Jamar Butler's voice is responsible for 12 percent of all children born in and around Columbus last year. While on the court he's the smooth moving, long-range shooting senior guard Buckeye fans love, in the post-game interview room he's the second coming of Barry White. Seriously, the man has one deep voice. ESPN shouldn't let Erin Andrews interview him; his vocal vibrations may cause a baby bump.

3. Matta about you. Thad Matta is currently in his seventh season as a head coach at the collegiate level. In his first six seasons he has never had a year where one of his teams has won less than 20 games. As this is being typed the Buckeyes are sitting on 18 wins. They should get to 20 (hopefully). Matta already has his Final Four appearance and a championship appearance — he did this before he turned 40 — and continues to recruit some of the best talent in the country. He's the coach every Buckeye hoops fan has been waiting for since, well, maybe ever. I'm not quite sure where I'm going with this, but, well, you know how Will gets when he sees the Ron Zook water skiing photo? That's pretty much how I feel when I see Thad Matta.


*Buckeyes Jerry Lucas (53) and Clark Kellogg (51) are ahead of him on the list. — John Snodgrass

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