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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Luke List is a tour golfer from Florida, and Golf Channel enlisted him for one of their regular "facts about the community" bumps for coverage of this weekend's Nationwide Children's Hospital Invitational at Ohio State's Scarlet Course in Columbus. Unfortunately, Golf Channel supplied Luke with a bizarre and entirely-false set of facts. Here's what Luke informs Golf Channel viewers:

Ohio was founded in 1812

Ohio was founded in 1803.

by Christopher Columbus

Christopher Columbus died in 1506.

And became the state capital in 1816

The state capital of Ohio is Columbus, not Ohio. (Columbus wasn't founded by Christopher Columbus, either.) Columbus was named state capital in 1812, but wasn't officially a city until 1816.


Ohio State is the largest university in the country

It was, once, but hasn't been for quite a long time. Arizona State is the largest university (by enrollment) in the country.

Luke's from Florida, so he has no way of knowing these facts are bullshit (well, he should have known the Christopher Columbus part, but whatever). Where does Golf Channel come up with this stuff?

h/t to Mike

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