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Oil Can Boyd Says He Can Still Bring The Nasty Stuff At The Age Of 236

Interesting story from Big League Stew about former Red Sox pitcher Oil Can Boyd's desire to return to baseball. Yes, he's 49 (hey, he looks 236), but he says his fastball has been rejuvenated.

Boyd told the Boston Globe that he just wants show a team he's still capable of throwing the ball across the plate with accuracy and without falling down and breaking a hip during his wind-up:

"I have nothing to lose, and all a major league team has to lose is 15 minutes.Give me 15 minutes and I'll show I can still pitch. That's all I want."


Oil Can's best years were his first three as a Red Sox starter, who enamored the fans with his goofy leg kick and folksy nickname. He was out of baseball by 1991, bounced around the minors and shit-kicker leagues, then resurfaced ten years later in the Can-Am League in 2005. Now, he' pitching to pudgy white guys at the Red Sox Fantasy Camp, which is ironically enough, where he first mentioned a big league comeback:

"Satchel [Paige] being my idol and knowing he didn't come into the game until he was in his early 40s, that's always been in the back of my mind," said Boyd. "Now, I've been given back the fastball I once had. I want to play.I spoke to some people about it. If I was given an opportunity, I'd love to work my way back. I think it would be good for the game. It shows me baseball is a forgiving game."

Oil Can Boy Wants Another Chance At The Bigs At Age 49 [Big League Stew]

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