As Baby Mangino stomps through the SHOTY competition leaving terror and thousands of empty Gerber jars in his wake, many were beginning to doubt that anything could stop him. We were looking for a hero, and now, at the 11th hour, we may have found one. Indroducing Baby JoePa, who, like the original, wears diapers and can only watch Penn State games from the press box.

The tyke's name is Will Greiner, and this photo, while just sent to us this morning, was actually taken a year ago. And that means that Will is probably the same size as Baby Mangino today. Not shown: Tiny JoePa hairpiece.

Of course I'm going to have to apply for special dispensation from the Deadspin SHOTY Organizing Committee to get Baby JoePa on this year's ballot; but seeing that the kid's name is Will, I don't see that being a problem. In the meantime, please cast your write-in votes for Baby JoePa.

And a few SHOTY campaign videos wouldn't hurt, either. Get to work, you guys!


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