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On Tuesday our friends at Awful Announcing took a look inside the gift bags that are handed out to presenters and nominees of the ESPYS. They're not as elaborate as the swag handed out at the Oscars, but look! A Subway Sandwiches gift card! Anyway, AA provided a full list of items, including, at No. 2, the AlcoMate Premium Breathalyzer (for the drunken athlete on the go). But I checked the list again today, and guess what?

The breathalyzer is missing. So to recap: On Tuesday, Breathalyzer. On Thursday, No breathalyzer. Perhaps someone got an angry call from LaRussa's agent? Or Carmelo Anthony snuck in and took them? Bud Selig didn't like the implications? Can someone explain this mystery?


Welll, at least the "Gift Certificate for a Stadium Sized Quilt with Sashing made from your treasured old t-shirts" is still there. And also Chumby.

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