Damn, just when you write off Peyton Manning as a fluke he comes back to life! Since we last checked in he's added a pair of touchdown passes (Wayne and Addai) and the Colts have pulled away from the first place Panthers. Wait...Carolina's in first place? I don't think I want to live in such a world, fortunately the Colts are making things right. Joseph Addai just picked up his second touchdown with 89 rushing yards on the day. Indianapolis 31 - Carolina 7 4th Quarter

Fuck Da Eagles! Donovan McNabb has been successful spreading the ball all over the field and it doesn't seem as if there's anything the Vikings can do about it. He's currently 18/27 for 254 yards and a touchdown with completions to six different receivers. Brian Westbrook has found the endzone twice, one by air and once by ground. The Eagles defense knocked Kelly Holcomb silly, but that might have been a mistake. Brooks Bolinger has looked slightly less decrepit under center and Ryan Longwell just connected on his third field goal of the day. Purple Jesus has looked downright mortal this afternoon, but some might argue that his white counterpart was no different in that regard. Philadelphia 20 - Minnesota 16 4th Quarter

Hoge Was Right! Yeah, maybe not, but Vince Young probably shouldn't be playing this week. So far he's completed just six of his 14 pass attempts for 42 yards. Luckily he's matched up against the Oakland Raiders, so things are actually going pretty well. LenDale White and Chris Henry are owning shit on the ground and the Raiders can't figure out what the hell they're going to do. LaMont Jordan has 12 carries for 16 yards while Justin Fargas has 12 carries for 61 yards, so there's one easy decision. Tennessee 13 - Oakland 9 4th Quarter

Do I Really Have to Write This? Detroit and Chicago are about as mediocre as two football teams can possibly get. Kitna and Griese have combined for 61 passes yet just one has resulted in a touchdown (Griese to G-Reg). In between all of the throwing Kevin Jones has gone over the 100 yard mark with a touchdown of his own. Detroit 16 - Chicago 7 4th Quarter