For those who find the pace of Madden '07 a little too frantic, here's some good β€” that is to say, fake β€” news. Introducing Madden Bye-Week '07, in which you control your various NFL players' off-the-field activities during their team's bye week. We're still waiting for our copy, but the "reviewer" over at College Humor has his and has already chosen breakfast cereal for Bryce Fisher (Special K: Fruit and Yogurt), and has had Shaun Alexander hang out around the house and do some gardening. Said the reviewer:

My thoughts are: any six year old with opposable thumbs can move the ball down the field, but it takes a real human to understand these players. You need to know what they love, to comprehend their passion for life, beyond the sport they play.

Your players' actions may vary. Hey, like it's really that different than "Head Coach."

Madden Bye Week '07: A Review [College]