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Oklahoma Punts On Fourth-And-Goal? From The 44-Yard Line? Against Kansas?

Illustration for article titled Oklahoma Punts On Fourth-And-Goal? From The 44-Yard Line? Against Kansas?
Screenshot: ABC

*Record scratch* *Freeze frame* Yup, that’s Oklahoma. So, you’re probably wondering how they ended up punting from fourth-and-goal at Kansas’s 44-yard line late in the second quarter of Saturday’s game. After a shaky first quarter, Jalen Hurts and the Sooners were working their way downfield, and lined up for first-and-goal on Kansas 7-yard line. All was going well.


But a first down holding penalty called on offensive lineman Tyrese Robinson knocked them back to the 17. They were pushed to the 25 when Hurts was sacked on the next play. And finally, wide receiver Cee Dee Lamb did the damn thing on second down with this terrifically botched trick play and flip to Jalen Hurts for a 23-yard loss to get the Sooners to the Kansas 48.

On third down, Hurts passed to tight end Grant Calcaterra for 19 yards, but offensive lineman Marquis Hayes, not believing this drive had been royally jacked enough, got called for unsportsmanlike conduct, wiping away 15 of those yards. And that is how the Sooners ended up punting on fourth-and-goal from the Kansas 44-yard line. Greg McElroy said on the ABC broadcast that he has only seen this once before, Michigan State in 2010 against Alabama in the Capital One Bowl. He remembers it “vividly” and “Kirk Cousins was the quarterback.” (It was in 2011.)


Lamb made up for, uh, whatever that was, with a 46-yard punt return on the next Kansas drive and a touchdown catch right afterward. The Sooners are up 42-7, as of this posting.

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