Tyron Johnson isn’t the Guy To Know by random—he’s the guy by necessity.

Mike Gundy’s offense has long been predicated on a very simple truth: A good quarterback is nice to have, but a receiver that can go up and snag an average quarterback’s prayers is always better. It’s obviously nice to have both, but what does this look like to you, Golden Corral?


Johnson’s year has arrived, if he’s going to have one. The former LSU Tiger is now the No. 1 deep threat for a team that has done nothing but boost draft profiles of dudes who love to run fast and catch footballs. He was fine last year—it was hard not to get buried on that particular depth chart. But now he has the chance to start scoring on opportunities when the defense knows the ball is coming his way, not just when they’re distracted with someone like Washington. Johnson has the speed and the hands to seriously wreck some already questionable Big 12 defense; if he makes a year of it, expect to hear his name during the first round of a forthcoming draft.

Can They Make The Playoff?

No. Barring a miraculous outburst from the Oklahoma State receiver corps, defensive line and secondary, and a fifth-year senior hoping to break the 30-pass mark for his career, the Cowboys will not be going to the playoff. In all likelihood, this means another year of landing in the 9-4 or 10-3 territory, which is fine! It’s fine! Seriously, Mike Holder, it’s fine. Oklahoma State should be counting on 2019 to be its big year—then, it’ll have the same deep receiving corps, but with a young talented quarterback and a defense that’s had more time to figure out what the hell that fifth safety does.


The Assistant Coach Tweet Of The Day


Jeff sounds nice, and also like a very weird gym rat rando.


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