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Old 49ers PR Guy Has Much Better Job Now

Remember Kirk Reynolds? He's the former San Francisco 49ers head of PR who was fired last June for making a "sensitivity training" video for the players that featured lesbians, gay jokes and crude Asian humor. We always thought his mistake was one of execution rather than one of message; the incident that inspired Reynolds to make the video was the famous Garrison Hearst "I don't want any faggots in this locker room" comment. Reynolds was trying to talk to athletes, on their level, to open up their minds a little bit. Unfortunately, that "level" is the level of morons.


Anyway, Reynolds has popped up with, a fantasy sports Web site that well ... we're not really sure what it does. He's now the site's public relations director. We bet his job is a lot more fun now; he doesn't have to talk to athletes anymore.

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