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Old-Man Fight Features Broken Golf Club Used As A Sword

If you've spent a significant amount of time playing golf, you know how awful going through a round with a shitty playing partner can be. But no drunk, angry, or overly talkative golfing buddy will ever be as bad as one 59-year-old man from Detroit, Mich., who allegedly broke a club over his playing partner's head before stabbing him with the jagged reamins of the shaft.

From the Detroit News:

A preliminary investigation found that a 59-year-old Oakland Township man had argued with a 65-year-old West Bloomfield Township man over the number of strokes one had taken on a particular hole.

The dispute grew so heated that the Oakland Township man allegedly struck the West Bloomfield Township man over the head with his golf club, breaking the head off the club. Further enraged by his broken club, the man then allegedly stabbed the man in the stomach with the shaft of the club before storming away.


You would think that breaking a golf club over someone's head would have been enough to establish this old timer's not-to-be-fucked-with status, but no, this dude had to go and turn his broken club into a goddamn sword. I will now be scared to death of every old man I meet in the future.

[Detroit News]

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