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When Steve Spurrier arrived at South Carolina questions arose as to just how quickly he could turn the perennial also-rans into legitimate contenders. As a an undying supporter of the Ball Coach (yeah, I got custom tags when he came to DC) I knew it would just be a matter of time. Unfortunately not everybody has been so quick to support the mercurial southerner. The loudest voice of descent dissent obviously belongs to buffoon talking head, Lee Corso. On an episode of College Gameday the blustering ex-coach vocalized his thoughts, "I don't think Spurrier can win the SEC or National Title! I don't care if he coaches here 400 years!" Well Steve Spurrier and the South Carolina faithful weren't about to take that shit lying down. Yep, they made a video...and a website!

The 3 1/2-minute video featuring Spurrier was rolled out with some fanfare and shown on the scoreboard to fans prior to the season opener in an effort to inspire the Gamecock Nation to see better times ahead. The theme of this new era in Gamecock football is, "The Game Is On."

USC athletic director Eric Hyman explained this is an effort to "brand" the term and get Gamecock fans excited about the future. The presentation referred USC fans to a website ""

"Fans will have a chance to throw footballs at Lee Corso's head," Hyman said of the interactive site where an animated Blake Mitchell (USC quarterback suspended for the opening game) throws balls at the sports network star. "You're going to see other things come out of this. This is the starting point. You'll see."


One day we'll all be able to throw footballs at Lee Corso's real head. We can only hope he's not wearing some mascot's outfit at the time.

Spurrier: Game on, against Corso

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