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Olympic Ski Jumper Suffers Skull Injury And Bruised Lung In Crazy Crash

Thomas Morgenstern, a three-time olympic ski jump champion was hospitalized Friday after a scary crash during a practice jump at The Kulm in Tauplitz, Austria. The injuries, though serious, are not life-threatening. He was responsive and asking questions shortly after the crash.

During his second training jump of the day, the 27-year-old Morgenstern lost his balance in the air, turned over to the left and landed on his back and head. He briefly lost consciousness but was able to speak shortly afterward.

"Fortunately he was responsive, Thomas can move arms and legs. That's very important," team physician Herbert Leitner said. "He asked me what happened."


He received first aid on the hill—which is one of the five highest ski flying hills in the world—and was airlifted to a hospital in Salzburg where he doctors said he would remain in ICU for 72 hours.

Three-time Olympic champion ski jumper Thomas Morgenstern hospitalized after horrific crash [AP]

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