Omar Little Will Appear As A Fresh-Out-Of-Prison Biology Professor On Community

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Television changed this morning the moment when actor Michael Kenneth Williams stated via Twitter, "For all the community peeps out there it's official look for me in up coming eps." Translation: Omar from The Wire is comin' to NBC's Community. It's nice to see he made it through the whole Kenard bullet thing.

Williams, who is best known for playing The Wire's Omar, the stick-up boy with a strong moral code, will appear in at least three episodes. His character takes his first teaching job at Greendale after recently being released from prison, where he earned his degree in biology. ...

"He's going to be very dignified guy in a way that has no presentation to it," show creator Dan Harmon continues. "He studies life and he wants to help other people study it, but he doesn't have any affectation beyond that. He's not trying to prove anything. He's just a very intense person."

Community Taps The Wire's Michael K. Williams to Teach Biology [TV Guide]

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