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Omar Minaya Flies Coach, Gets Heckled

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The beleaguered Mets GM probably figured 36,000 feet high would be a safe place to escape his critics and watch 27 Dresses on a 10-inch screen. He was wrong.


Reader Jason sends in this photo, along with the backstory:

So I'm settling into my seat on a VERY inexpensive Jetblue flight to Chicago to see the Mets in Wrigley when I notice the flight attendant having a hard time closing the overhead compartment because of someone's bag. After she sheepishly looks around for the culprit—he identifies himself. Since everyone was already seated and ready to fly, the apparently inconsiderate passenger was on stage for all to see. It was none other than Omar Minaya himself. What I didn't say before is that this flight is CRAWLING with Mets fans making the pligramage to Wrigely. At once the plane is abuzz. One young man in 18A shouts out "I woulda traded frenchy three months ago" another says "Better live it up, this is probably your last flight to chicago as GM". Delighted by the impromptu celebrity roast I chimed in with "I bet they flew Mike Jacobs in business class, at least". We all laughed in unison—he sat down and put his headphones on, a defeated man.

We wonder if he was able to find a power bat in the SkyMall catalog.