When we last left USA soccer goalie Hope Solo, she was benched in the semifinal game against Brazil, which they lost 4-0. Since then, Solo has publicly called out her coach for making the wrong decision, then defended her words on the best location possible: the Internet!

Although I stand strong in everything I said, the true disheartening moment for me was realizing it could look as though I was taking a direct shot at my own teamate. I would never throw such a low blow. Never. Many of this goes way beyond anyone's understanding, and is simply hard to justify.

Translation: "Omigod, you guys, I'm just, like, this really complicated girl, and you wouldn't understand that because you aren't me. And that's just who I am. So, like, don't criticize us, because what I have with my teammates is, like, soooo special. I luv u chickas forever! [Amy Grant song lyric snippet]"

And wouldn't ya know? Solo won't be with the team in USA's consolation game against Norway. Well, that's it. Dave Greg Ryan is soooo off her Myspace friends list.

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