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OMG Todd Haley Is Totally Giving Ben Roethlisberger The Silent Treatment, Everybody

It's been nearly two weeks since the Steelers hired Todd Haley to be Big Ben's wingman offensive coordinator, but thus far the only talk of their new working relationship is that there's been no talk. Haley struck all the right notes at his introductory press conference Feb. 9, but he and Roethlisberger have still not had so much as an introductory conversation, and this seems to have Big Ben rattled. Roethlisberger has since told any reporter who asks that Haley has yet to reach out to him, and today's Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reports that Ben even sounded "discouraged" when he discussed the matter again yesterday.

Roethlisberger wanted Bruce Arians to remain the team's offensive coordinator, which is probably why he wants the world to know Haley is snubbing him. But why hasn't Haley called Ben? Florio couldn't resist ascribing it to some sort of Parcellsian mind trick, which would make sense if Haley were a big swinging dick with a couple of Super Bowl rings instead of just a big swinging dick, and Roethlisberger were some fading veteran with one foot out the door and not still a franchise quarterback with a couple of Super Bowl rings. The most likely explanation is also right there in that Tribune-Review piece: Haley is allowed to contact Roethlisberger before April 16 under the terms of the new CBA, but he's not permitted to request a meeting with him, or with any other player. As GM Kevin Colbert explained, Haley may still be getting acclimated to moving to Pittsburgh and getting ready for this weekend's combine. Haley may also just think he and Roethlisberger have plenty of time to get acquainted in the months ahead, which means none of this is worth fussing about. Well, that or Haley is still really worried about Scott Pioli tapping his phone.


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