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It's time for installment No. 2 of our three-part series revealing the athletes behind some of On The DL's blind-items. Last week, we found out that the ladies say Cubs second baseman Todd Walker loves to flash his wedding ring at strip clubs. Today's blind item: I'm Ok, I sWaRe...:

This flame-thrower not only has a temper... he also has a serious weakness for the ladies and booze. Word is that he's gotten a few of his "lady friends" pregnant and practically lives at the bars. We here at On The DL fear all his drinking has killed most of his brain cells. When two fans sent him a letter asking for autographs, this player responded back — complete with misspelled words and first grader-esque grammar. Instead of partying and trying to score chicks, perhaps Mr. Wildthing should go back to school and sober up.


The answer? On the DL says it's Braves closer Kyle Farnsworth, which would explain why the guy has a tendency to throw 100 mph fastballs in very different places than they were initially intended. Well, at least he's not Bobby Cox and punching his wife.

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(Tomorrow: Our biggest name yet, revealed.)