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Once A Cowboy, Always A Cowboy

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Well, at least we know where Rush Limbaugh was getting all his Oxycontin.

In one of those stories that, honestly, we live for around here, Dallas Cowboys wide receiver turned unintelligible ESPN analyst Michael Irvin was busted for misdemeanor possession of marijuana paraphernalia Friday afternoon after police searched his car during a traffic stop. Irvin — whose "NFL Countdown" rants are pretty much a case study in the effects of illicit drugs on the nervous system — paid his ticket and posted bond. Plano, Tex. police did not say what kind of paraphernalia was found, though, since it's Irvin, we'll be actively disappointed if it isn't a 10-foot bong.


There's so much to say here that we can't even begin on a Sunday evening, though we'll say that somehow, some way, Drew Rosenhaus has to be involved.

By the way, Irvin is currently a finalist for the Hall of Fame. Good luck with that.


More on this tomorrow. Obviously.

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(By the way, that is Cloris Leachman with Irvin there. You find the strangest shit on the Web sometimes.)

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