Once Again, God Bless Evan Turner, Who Is Never Not Feeling Himself

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It’s high time we checked in on Celtics guard Evan Turner, a perfectly mediocre basketball player whose self-absorption is so steadfast and unconvincing that it’s impossible not to find endearing.

The clip above is Evan Turner talking about his decision to pass the ball to Jae Crowder, setting up a go-ahead three-pointer, in the final minute of the team’s Nov. 25 victory over the Sixers. As you listen to Turner compare himself to MJ, remember that he is scoring under 10 points per game this season.


Then look at this shirt he wore after Monday night’s game against the Nets:

There are a lot of great things about this shirt, but chief among them is the fact that Turner’s silhouette is holding out three fingers on each hand, as in celebration of hitting a three-pointer. Evan Turner is shooting 15 percent from deep this year, and is a 30-percent shooter from beyond the arc for his career. He’s the best.