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Once Bitten, Twice Lie

Aaron Rodgers says a Seahawks player bit him when they played last year. Darryl Tapp denies it. This is news because we have to manufacture interest in a Green Bay/Seattle game somehow.

Rodgers claims the bite happened in the middle of a scrum last October.

Yeah, he bit me through my long sleeve that I was wearing," Rodgers said, looking down at his left arm. "There wasn't a whole lot of words spoken. I looked down and my arm was hurt and it felt like a bee sting. I was looking down and he was biting my arm so I had to get his teeth off my shoulder. Luckily I was wearing a long sleeve so I don't know if he actually (broke the skin). I had a bruise for the rest of the season. Other than that I was good."


Milwaukee Journal Sentinel columnist Greg A. Bedard went through the tape, and did find once instance where Rodgers came up from the bottom of a pile pissed off at Tapp, and walked away holding his forearm. But Tapp's not buying it.

It didn't happen. I know me personally, if someone were to bite me, I wouldn't wait a whole year to bring it up to somebody to get it handled. That's all I'm saying about it."

He even gave a demonstration to the assembled press, attempting to get his teeth around a reporter through his facemask and mouthguard (see pic here). So what really happened last year will remain a mystery, although Deadspin's crack video team has put together a reenactment of how we think it went down:


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