Once Upon A Time In A Buffalo Wild Wings

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So I go to Buffalo Wild Wings with a couple buddies to watch our Spartans beat Purdue and some Iowa bitch starts giving us some static about changing the channel. Fuck you, Iowa bitch, I said. — kycdxx (Ed. Hahahaha...)


Just in case anybody cares ... the friend of the "Fuck you" guy is now trying to pick me up. Jesus tapdancing Christ. — Lady Andrea

Basically, I'd let Pam Ward go butt to face on me. — Hot Carl Weathers

Lead announcer for the Michigan game: "You can't return a muff." I wish someone would have told me that on prom night. — prestonseider


Wikipedia describes battered person syndrome as "any person who, because of constant and severe domestic violence usually involving physical abuse by a partner, becomes depressed and unable to take any independent action that would allow him or her to escape the abuse. " Which aptly describes why I'm still watching Syracuse football. — slightlymad

Quien Es Mas Macho: Charlie Weis or Phillip Fulmer? Charlie — almost died on the operating table / Phillip — almost died at Krispy Kreme. Charlie — rips Band-Aids right off and ruins football programs overnight / Phillip — prefers slowly peeling away the Band-Aid, destroys once-proud football program over 15 years.— wavesgoalie

This week, our fine young men in the aerial division of our military take their shot against the Catholic guerrillas, inspired by their seafaring brethren last week. Regardless of the outcome, the services will not be able to attempt a triple assault, as the infantry did not plan for an assault during this stage of the surge, and the Army's leaders are probably kicking themselves for not doing so. — Signal to Noise

Do you think the producers of the Michigan-Wisconsin game know they just showed one of there annoucers doing the "I cant feel my face" dance during there jump around montage? — dixienormus13