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Once Upon A Time, Serena And That Same Chair Umpire Laughed Off Her Hindrance And They Replayed The Point

...And everyone lived happily ever after, until last night in Flushing.


It's been pointed out that this clip, taken from the 2009 Doha Championship in Qatar, would have been played under the International Tennis Federation (ITF) rules, and that last night's ruling—made by the same chair umpire, Eva Asderakia—was in accordance with the Women's Tennis Association's (WTA) guidelines. We presume that the two organizations treat these situations differently. Still, it's fascinating to see how the situation was treated then, as it might help us better understand Williams's confusion and frustration with the call: Asderakia immediately called a hindrance, and then allowed for a replay of the same point, and everyone laughed good-naturedly like they were old buddies who would now share an inside joke.

Last night, Aserakia called the hindrance on what appeared to be a forehand winner for Williams, and which would have set the score at deuce in the first game of the second set—but there was no replay, and there were no LOLs. Sam Stosur was given the point, the game, and she'd go on to take the match. Williams, meanwhile, may face a fine or suspension for calling Aserakia a "hater."

H/T Douglas Robson.

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