One Guy Has An ESPN Phone (And It Doesn't Even Work)

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We don't mean to pile on — really — but Friday, we asked our vast network of Deadspin readers to let us know if they, or anyone they knew even, owned one of the much-hyped ESPN Mobile phones. We weren't expecting an avalanche of emails, but we figured, you know, a few of you would have one. The diehards. The freaks. Somebody.

We received one email.

And that person doesn't even have the ESPN phone; they just have the Sanyo handheld device ... and that's just because they work at Sprint. An excerpt of their report:

This should have been offered as a Sprint phone. On the ESPN network, you can't access the regular Sprint Web sites. The plans are outrageous at ESPN. It's like I have a Lexus without an engine!


We don't want to imply that this has been a disaster of epic proportions for the network — has there ever been a Super Bowl ad that inspired only about 30 people to buy your product? — but in about a week, you're going to be able to get one of these free with a purchase of a Chris Berman coffee mug at participating ESPN Zones.

Full email after the jump.


I actually have a Sanyo 9000. Well, I work at a call center at Sprint in Florida, in the retention group. We all thought that the Sanyo MVP was going to be a Sprint phone. I mean, this is bad: I work at sprint and didn't know this phone didnt work with sprint. I guess we all just assumed that all new sanyos worked for sprint. I actually bought one on ebay and cannot get it to work on my sprint account.


It's a really nice phone. it takes mini sd cards. they sell a 2gb version. the blade which i had only holds 47mb or 6 to 8 songs! then your camera wont work until you delete some songs. The ability to tranfer files makes the phone like an ipod. Even thought i cant "use" my phone i have put lots of MP3 and i can plugged the phone into my car streo.

The black case with red buttoms looks hot. the speakers are louder and clearer than the blade or 8300. This should have been offered as a sprint phone. On the ESPN network you cant acces the regular sprint web sites. the plans are outrages at espn. Its like I have a lexus without an engine!


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