Here’s Central Florida linebacker Shaquem Griffin powering through 20 reps on the bench press at the NFL Scouting Combine, one-handed. Griffin was born with a congenital condition that prevented his left hand from fully developing, but which obviously has not kept him from being a goddamn beast:

Griffin wrote for The Player’s Tribune this week about the challenges of sticking with football as a one-handed player, including how he and his family improvised contraptions so that he could utilize the bench press:

My dad used to build all kinds of contraptions to help me lift weights. We had this one thing — we called it “the book,” and it was basically a piece of wood wrapped up in some cloth that I would hold up against the bar with my left arm when I bench pressed so my arms would be even. We had another block that I used for stuff like dips and push-ups, and I had chains and other straps to hold dumbbells for things like curls and shrugs.


It’s a good blog, and I highly recommend reading it.