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One Lousy Opening Day

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You think you had a bad day yesterday? Dodgers starter Derek Lowe, inexplicably starting on Opening Day, was hammered by the Braves. And when the game was over, he had to go home and read transcripts of divorce proceedings spread all over the Internet. They were initially posted by the subscription-only, and excerpted by the excellent L.A. Observed. Some highlights:

• The Red Sox felt Lowe "had a drinking issue," and Lowe's agent, Scott Boras, even suggested an intervention. When Scott Boras is a positive influence in your life, there are problems.
• Lowe spent much of last year drinking in the Dodgers clubhouse.
• Lowe has "undiagnosed ADD," which allowed the Red Sox doctors to give him Ritalin every day.


These are, of course, divorce proceedings, and Ms. Lowe notoriously hung out on the On The DL boards trolling for info, so it was unlikely this was going to avoid being messy. But yeah: How was your Monday?

Lowe's Double Bad Day [LA Observed]

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