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More hilarity from the motley crew over at Yard Work: a (of course) fictional news story about the mother of Tigers third baseman Brandon Inge protesting manager Alan Trammell's use of her son as a player. (Echoes of Cindy Sheehan, of course.)

"I will sit here until they agree to see me," she says.

"They," in this case, are Detroit Tigers General Manager Dave Dombrowski and Manager Alan Trammell, the men who, in Inge s eyes, are destroying her child.

Unlike the more famous matronly vigil held by the grieving Cindy Sheehan in Crawford, Texas, Sharon Inge s silent protest isn t about mortality and war. It s about a baseball and a bat, and her son Brandon s sudden inability to bring the two together.

More Yard Work fun coming later today. We're kind of obsessed with them on a Tuesday afternoon.

A Mother's Vigil [Yard Work]