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One Norwegian Runner Had An Unfortunate Uniform Malfunction During His Race

Poor Henrik Ingebrigtsen. He competed Tuesday in the 1,500-meter final and actually set a new Norwegian record with his fifth-place time, but all anyone is going to remember is that his shorts busted open and his jock was dangling out by the time he crossed the finish line.

Let's do a more frame-by-frame analysis of just when exactly Ingebrigtsen's situation went from "Gosh, I really hope no one notices this slight tear near my balls" to "Oh, great, now everyone's going to think my balls are flopping out of my shorts."


All's normal at the start, although you can almost see the beginnings of a tear.

About halfway through the race, we've got a problem developing.


The problem is getting worse.


Nothing that can be done at this point. Just head for the finish, Henrik. (As fast as you can.)


He's probably never been so happy to finish a race (and run away from tens of thousands of spectators).

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